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Interview of Dr. Joon Kyung, a cosmetic surgeon who started from Gwangju

Interview of Dr. Joon Kyung, a cosmetic surgeon who started from Gwangju

Hello reader, today we have Dr. Joon Kyung with us, he is another cosmetic expert. As per your request we have asked Dr. Joon to join us and clear few concepts about cosmetic surgeries, especially about usage of cannulas and needles. I would like to thank Dr. Joon for giving us the opportunity to have an interview with him. I hope you will enjoy!

Before Interview

Interviewer said:

Hello Dr. Joon, thanks for giving us the opportunity to have a chance to interview a popular surgeon like you. I hope we will learn a lot from you today.

Dr. Joon replied:

Thank you so much for your kind words. It is really a pleasure for me to share some knowledge with your audience. I hope we will have a great time with the audience.

Interview Begins

Question no. 1:

Please tell us something about yourself.

Answer :

I am a professional plastic surgeon, I have been working in this field since I graduated from Gwangju University of Health. I also went abroad to complete my education and got CIBTAC Beauty Therapy Diploma Certificate from London School of Beauty & Make-Up. Later I started my clinic in Gwangju, Korea which turned into a great success.

Question no. 2:

Please tell us about your current clinics and projects.


I am a professional physician and dermatologist. We have many clinics worldwide, recently we have started working with Joveoderm clinic who are top rated service provide for Kryolipolyse München in Germany.

Question no. 2:

Recently we interview Dr. Huan Eun, he told us that usage of fillers is very popular these days. Please let us know about your views.


I agree to Dr.Huan, due to the rising rate of pollution in the society we have dealt with several cases of heat burn. Normally people have skin problems that arose due to high temperature and loss of moisture in skin. This normally happens when the skin loses its most important acids, and becomes dry and rough.

Question no. 3:

We forgot to ask Dr. Huan that which are the most demanded dermal fillers these days?


Well, to be very honest there is no specific answer for this. Different people have different problems and we recommend them fillers that we feel will be completely fine and effective for them. We also get some patients who ask for those treatments that have nothing to do with skin problem etc.

Question no. 4:

Please tell us about those treatments and fillers that are not related to skin rejuvenation and radiance.


Well, I can name few without thinking a lot, one of most demanded filler is Macrolane which is used for increasing or enlarging organ size. Typically, it is built for enlarging breast size and buttocks.

Question no. 5:

Are these treatments come into surgical or non surgical treatments?


No, all of them are non surgical and have much lesser pain and discomfort than the normal surgical procedures.

Question no. 6:

Can you please tell us something about Macrolane?


I don’t know what kind of information you need about Macrolane, but I can share a few things:

Macrolane is a filler that is very different from other products of its category. It is used for enlarging size and reshaping organs. It is basically a volume restoration factor. They have a unique class for it which is known as Macrolane vrf products.

In Korea, they are distributed by a British company, Q-Med who are also they producers of Restylane. Macrolane is used for contouring the patient’s body and enlarging size of the desired area.

Question no. 7:

How bright do you feel the future of the cosmetic industry in Korea?


Of-course, I see it very bright. In-fact Korea has become a cosmetic hub. Do you know that nearly 90% of the needles and cannulas are manufactured in Korea and distributed through out the world. Cosmetic surgeries still have a great demand here.

Wrapping the interview

Thanks a lot Dr. Joon Kyung for your time. We highly appreciate that you give us the time to interview you. We hope that we will be able to take your advice again in future.

Dr. Joon replied:

Sure, I will love to have the opportunity to talk to your audience again. Just don’t forget to take the appointment next time, just kidding.

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