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Interview of Dr. Hwan Eun, a cosmetic surgeon


Today we are interviewing Dr. Hwan Eun who runs a clinic in Gwangju, Korea. Dr. Hwan Eun is a famous personality among dermatologists in South Korea. His clinic is very popular in the cosmetic hub of Korea. We hope that this will be a very informative and helpful resource for our readers.

Ok so let’s begin:

Question no. 1:

Hello Dr. Hwan Eun, Thanks for giving us the chance to interview. Please tell us something about yourself?


Hello Luis, thanks for interviewing me. I hope that I will be able to entertain your readers. I am professional dermatologist and have been in the field for 20 years.

Question no. 2:

Please tell us about the basic problems that your patients complain the most.


This is a very good question, Luis. Normally we see many cases of people complaining about fine lines and wrinkles on face. The basic reason for that problem is the heat and high temperature that we face daily due to change in the global atmosphere.

Question no. 3:

So what surgory is most common these days?


Normally people need skin rejuvenation for which we advise them to get injectable fillers for which we use cannulas and needles.

Question no. 4:

What cannulas and needles are usually used?

Answer :

This is a medical secret, but we import cannulas from our foriegn suppliers who have KFDA verfication. PremiumFill blunt cannulas, microneedles and micro cannulas are the one that we used the most. You can also share the link of the site that we have shared with you.

Question no. 5:

Can you please describe descriptively about blunt cannulas and microneedles?

Answer :

Sure, you can read my note about it. I will be glad to share it with your audience:

The world of beauty is constantly innovating and there are loads of people who are aware of them and are making great use of them in different beautification processes through different new approaches and treatments.

The words, injections, fillers, HA, Macrolane, Restylane, Juvederm and many others besides cannulas, needles, blunt tip cannulas, micro needles, sharp tip needles are all the same terms of the medical beauty world. While these can belong to different companies, different technologies, approaches, innovations, procedures, costs etc, there is one thing that is common among them and it is the use of needle in them all. It is not only a normal needle but rather a micro needle which is used in all of these different approaches whereas it has been made to suite different areas of any field so that it can present its advantages as well as benefits in different areas required.

Hence the fact that these microneedles serve as truly important elements in the beauty world cannot be stressed more. They are used in different areas which include the following

  • Facial enhancement procedures such as those related to adding mass to the face like cheek volumising, losing volume such as contouring etc.
  • Facial aging sign removing processes which include fine lines, wrinkles, forehead lines, marionette lines, nasolabial folds etc.
  • Facial beauty enhancement forms such as changing lips or removing pimples, under eye bags and many others etc.
  • Contouring other parts of the body for toning, sliming or shaping and tightening purposes like calves, buttocks, breasts, thighs, stomach etc.

The above specified areas are all thanks to the different types of micro-needles that are used in these processes which are normally given as the following according to their different sizes, materials, visibility, precision as well as usability, quality as well as safety that is provided along with them for different aspects

  • Blunt tip micro-needles
  • Sharp tip micro-needles
  • Flexible micro-needles
  • Shape and gauge based micro-needles

All these micro needles are used to serve different areas because they are excellent and well suited for them and hence have been made for the sole purpose only.

The quality is also something which is kept in mind so that the procedure that is followed has more exposure and can be known more responsively too while the precision is designed in such a way keeping in mind according to the areas that they are going to be used for. For instance, a blunt tip needle is normally used for areas such as the cheeks where there is more area required for working on or bringing on more mass to the required part while the micro-needle precision also depends on the procedure in line. This is because an area where the micro-needle is being used for eye areas would definitely require less area and more precision in it to do the work with more confidence and lesser risk in such a sensitive area.

Hence micro-needles are no doubt a very important invention whose forms have been very supportive to the beauty world.

Thank you so much for your time we hope that our audience will love to read your interview.

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