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Dr. Luis explains about Juvederm voluma and volbella

Dr. Luis explains about Juvederm voluma and volbella

Hello folks, thanks for giving us the great response for the previous articles. We have been talking a lot about cosmetics these days. What encourages me to ask dermatologists about their advice is the growing demand of my readership who always ask for more information about cosmetics.

Today we have Dr. Lois with us who is an expert about fillers. Unfortunately, he was not able to give us the time to have an interview because he is very busy with his new business deal in Germany. But thankfully, he was kind enough to give us the answer of our basic two questions. We asked him to share his knowledge about Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Volbella and send us an email that contained his response regarding our query for an interview. I am attaching the porting of his email that was related to our question:

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