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Interview of Dr. Hwan Eun, a cosmetic surgeon


Today we are interviewing Dr. Hwan Eun who runs a clinic in Gwangju, Korea. Dr. Hwan Eun is a famous personality among dermatologists in South Korea. His clinic is very popular in the cosmetic hub of Korea. We hope that this will be a very informative and helpful resource for our readers.

Ok so let’s begin:

Question no. 1:

Hello Dr. Hwan Eun, Thanks for giving us the chance to interview. Please tell us something about yourself?


Hello Luis, thanks for interviewing me. I hope that I will be able to entertain your readers. I am professional dermatologist and have been in the field for 20 years.

Question no. 2:

Please tell us about the basic problems that your patients complain the most.


This is a very good question, Luis. Normally we see many cases of people complaining about fine lines and wrinkles on face. The basic reason for that problem is the heat and high temperature that we face daily due to change in the global atmosphere.

Question no. 3:

So what surgory is most common these days?


Normally people need skin rejuvenation for which we advise them to get injectable fillers for which we use cannulas and needles.

Question no. 4:

What cannulas and needles are usually used?

Answer :

This is a medical secret, but we import cannulas from our foriegn suppliers who have KFDA verfication. PremiumFill blunt cannulas, microneedles and micro cannulas are the one that we used the most. You can also share the link of the site that we have shared with you.

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